Our Story

At Blue Resources Trust we aim to promote informed science based decision making to facilitate the sustainable use of marine resources. We believe in promoting education and awareness and encouraging greater participation of local communities in conservation. Our team has extensive experience working in Sri Lanka and internationally, and has built partnerships with numerous national and international organizations. Blue Resources acts as a platform for scientists and conservationists to expand research and improve marine resource management in Sri Lanka and the greater region.


Daniel Fernando
Nishan Perera
Susantha Udagedera
Akshay Tanna
Rosalind Bown

Daniel Fernando (Co-Founder)

Daniel is currently working towards a PhD at Linnaeus University studying the biology and ecology of manta and mobula rays in the Indian Ocean.

At Blue Resources Trust he helps obtain funds, oversee project operations, leads elasmobranch research, and develops and implements national and international policy to better manage fisheries. He has also been appointed as an Adviser to the Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife of Sri Lanka and represents the Government at international conventions such as CITES and CMS.  

Alongside this, in his role as an Associate Director of The Manta Trust, he is responsible for global mobulid fisheries projects. His work has been highlighted in international documentaries broadcast on ITV (UK) and Al Jazeera English. 


Nishan Perera (Co-Founder)

Nishan is a marine biologist and underwater photographer with an interest in coral reef ecology, fisheries and marine protected area management. He has previously worked with the IUCN and is currently a member of Project Seahorse.

His current research includes field studies on seahorses, coral reefs and sustainable small-scale fisheries. He is the author of Coral Reefs of Sri Lanka, and has contributed articles and images to the Sri Lankan Airlines magazine Serendib, Explore Sri Lanka, Life Times Magazine, African Diver, Sport Diving Australia and Magazyn Nurkowanie Poland.


Susantha Udagedera (Director)

Susantha is a field biologist from Sri Lanka, with a particular interest in seagrasses, climate change adaptation, and species based ecological studies; all of which provide vital information for the development of national conservation policy.

His childhood ambition in life was to explore nature in a scientific manner to determine how best to sustainably benefit humanity. This led him to complete a Bachelor in Environment Conservation Management at the University of Kelaniya, followed by a Master of Environment Management at the University of Colombo.

Having worked as an international seagrass scientist, he has a strong working relationship with Project Seagrass and the World Seagrass Association. During the past couple of years, Susantha started publishing numerous peer-reviewed research papers and additionally, has been selected as an expert to evaluate Sri Lankan seagrass for the upcoming National RedList. 


Akshay Tanna (Operations Advisor)

Akshay is a SCUBA instructor, sailing instructor and skipper. He has been diving and cruising in South Asia for over a decade and is passionate about the conservation of the marine environment.

A keen mechanic, he oversees Blue Resources Trust's technical operations, manages the research boat, and helps conduct our underwater training programs.


Rosalind Bown (Researcher)

Rosalind is a researcher running the shark and ray fisheries project, and also assisting on the coral and seagrass data collection and analysis. She was also part of the field team for the Global FinPrint project. Rosalind studied marine biology with a focus on oceanography, and is a PADI Divemaster and holds a RYA Powerboat Level 2 license.

Prior to working with us, she volunteered on various marine projects focusing on marine megafauna and fisheries, including the Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project, Southern IFCA, Marine Savers and Archelon.